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About Me


I am Mrs. Brown and I teach Language Arts periods 1-5 and writing 7th period.  My preferred method of contact is by email.   I check my email during my 6th period conference daily and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. 

I have been with Liberty Center Schools for 20 years.  I first began teaching High School Spanish and then moved to 8th grade Language Arts where I found my true passion, teaching the joy of reading great literature and writing to junior high students.



Hello laughI am Mrs Homan and I teach Algebra 1 and Integrated Math 8.  My preferred method of contacted is by email: Khoman@libertycenterschools.org  I check my email daily depending on when my conference period is.  I generally check my emails at 7:30 a.m.,however teacher meetings and other circumstances often interrupt this pattern.  I have been teaching at L.C. for 25 years and have spent all 25 years with the junior high.


About Me

Welcome students and parents,

My name is Mr. Doseck, and I teach 8th grade science.  I have been teaching at Liberty Center for 3 years, and I have grown to love this community.  My preferred method of contact is email: sdoseck@libertycenterschools.org and I check it daily.  In addition to 8th grade science, I teach high school Forensic Science.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Weekly homework


Below you will find access to each subject areas' homework.

Language Arts and Writing



Language Arts

Monday 1/26 Complete Outline, Sp/Vocab wrkst 37

Tuesday 1/27 Prepare for Demonstration Speech, Sp/Vocab wrkst 38

Wednesday 1/28 Speeches, Sp/Vocab wrkst 39

Thursday 1/29 Speeches, Quizlet worksheet, Spelling and Vocab tests tomorrow

Friday 1/30 Finish newsela.com assignment


1/30 Complete the I Have a Dream worksheet






Algebra 1/Math 8

Date: March 9-13

Monday:  Alg 1:  Per 2: Practice 9.1

                           Per 3: Practice 9.1

                Math 8Per 4,6,7:  Practice test A

                Math 8: Per 5:  Practice test A

Tuesday: Alg 1 Per 2:  Puzzle both sides

                    Per 3 Puzzle both sides

      Math 8:  Per 4,6,7: Problem solve choose 6 of the 9

                    Per. 5: Problem solve choose 6 of the 9

Wednesday:  Alg 1:  Per 2: Practice 9.2

                              Per 3:  Practice 9.2

      Math 8:   Per 4,6,7:  Practice 9.1

                    Per 5:  Practice 9.1

Thursday:      Alg 1:   Per 2: Practice 9.3 Quiz Fri

                                Per 3: Practice 9.3 Quiz Fri

                  Math 8:   Per 4,6,7: Puzzle

                               Per 5: Puzzle

Friday:     Alg 1:    Per 2: Quiz and problem solving

                           Per 3: Quiz and Problem solving

              Math 8: Per 4,6,7: Practice 9.2

                          Per 5: Practice 9.2




Week March 2-6

Monday- study review sheet

Tuesday- study review sheet

Wednesday- 3 adaptations and cause

Thursday- answer lab questions

Friday- NHW


State Testing Dates and Links to Sample test

State Testing Dates and Links to Sample Tests

Below is a schedule for the new PARCC state testing for 8th graders and a link for sample testing.

February 18-Wednesday 8:54-10:20- Language Arts

February 20-Friday 9:45-11:24-Language Arts

February 24-Tuesday 8:54-10:00-Language Arts

February 26-Thursday 8:00-9:45-Math

March 2-Monday 9:45-11:24-Math

March 5-Thursday 8:00-9:45-Science

This schedule will be repeated in April through May for end of year PARCC tests-4/14, 4/16, 4/21, 4/23, 5/4, 5/7

Link for PARCC test samples  http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/